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Inside (pre-listen)

Release date: 2019-11-22



Circles Of Sound is a Danish electronic and acoustic music act based in Copenhagen.

Peter Stjernholm Meldgaard and Per Hjorth Hestbæk teamed up in appreciation and love to all the music they have been listening to during their lifetime. Their songs condense all the inspiration and joy they have collected in their musical careers. As musicians, as producers, as songwriters and as huge music lovers.
The two multi-instrumentalists have searched for new ways to blend the sound and feeling of real played instruments with electronic layers and real ambience, experimenting with arrangement forms, all with the purpose of creating interesting, rich and lasting music. The result is the 12 tracks album “Inside” featuring several different vocalists and songwriters.




Yasmin is a part of our musical backbone and she sings on several of our tracks. In the past Per and Peter played with her in a jazz quintet called ‘Latin Ice’ for several years where we played all over Copenhagen. Yasmin and Peter were signed to Geffen records and released two albums during the 90’ties. Yasmin is a Voice healer, and works with so many different aspects of her voice and performance, so we lost the count..




Thit has a fantastic voice we fell in love with from the first note we heard. She also writes some great lyrics which always has a new and surprising edge. Beside being a lingual genius, Thit is also a talented painter and has helped with some of the artwork for the album cover.

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Carsten has this deep rich voice you can just keep on listening to for hours. He is a talented jazz drum player, piano player and one of the most friendliest person we know about. We are looking so much forward to record more with Carsten. Be sure to check out our track “Clown” which features a duet with Carsten and Thit.

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